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Quality and elegance revealed in every detail

Quality and elegance revealed in every detail

Only a creation which arouses emotion can have special value and it deserves our attention, because it makes our lives beautiful.
“Although human life is invaluable, we always act as if something else is more valuable.” (Saint-Exupéry, French novelist). Do you agree with this?
There are many occasions in our lives which call for a beautiful and unforgettable celebration. Weddings, a new baby, coming of age, birthdays, graduations, a promotion at work, wedding anniversaries, valuable purchases… These are the events when we wish to share our joy with our nearest and dearest.
Whether it is a celebration or an everyday lunch, it is not just a matter of form or habit; these represent modern man’s need to make his life better and happier. We can recognise and appreciate a modern family’s style and quality of life by their table aesthetics. Table aesthetics implies sophisticated choice, harmony and the functionality of everything that will be used during the meal.
Provided that we observe the general rules, laying the table will be a creative act thanks to our feeling for beauty. Those who enjoy the beauty of a good feast will know how to select real values and harmonise them into a whole. For that reason, we should pay particular attention to our choice of dining sets, cutlery, glasses and tablecloths.
Glass has become a symbol of hospitality, and an expression of our joy of being a host. With it, we are sending a simple message, coloured with the most beautiful emotions: “Welcome!” It can be a short unexpected visit, or an invitation to a festive lunch or a family celebration – a glass on the table represents us, making those moments more pleasant and formal.
Glasses, and even more so chalices, are a symbol of friendship, conviviality and understanding; they call for more relaxed, cordial and friendly conversation. But this is not the case with every kind of glass. Choosing a drinking set is a delicate task, more than anyone may initially assume. The culture of laying the table implies not only having the economical means but also a feel for hospitality. Only those people who understand and appreciate the aesthetics of laying the table know how to choose real values, and how to enjoy the beauty of meeting other people.

We can recognise and appreciate a modern family’s style and quality of life by their table aesthetics.


The Zepter drinking sets have the best features in terms of:
  • Material
  • Practicality and functionality
  • Design
  • Maintenance (washing)

If you want to give your friends, your family and yourself unforgettable moments and unique aesthetic pleasure, we have the solution: Zepter drinking and dessert sets.
There are different exclusive sets: La Perle, Prince, Baron, King, Taiga, Conte, Astra. These beautiful names speak for themselves.
These are artistic creations for every occasion, a harmonious union of quality and functionality, class and avant-garde style. What is the common denominator of our exclusive sets?
  • They are made of noble steel (CrNi 18/10 – eternal, indestructible stainless steel); no part of the set can be broken or damaged; (plus the glasses are opaque, so no one but you will know how full it is).

The sets are also available with decorated gold rims; in fact, this luxurious 24-carat gold plating adds to their value in terms of their quality and aesthetics.
  • Their design is exclusive, beautiful and evergreen. (They fit perfectly in every interior, with modern and classic furniture.)
  • Each type of drink will retain its specific original taste. (There is no chemical reaction between the glass and its content.) Thanks to the thickness of the glass and the quality of the material, light and temperature cannot affect the quality of the drink.
  • They are easy to maintain and store.


The Zepter drinking sets have the best features

These are artistic creations for every occasion, a harmonious union of quality and functionality, class and avant-garde style.


Each part is made of top-quality materials: stainless steel, 999 silver and 24ct gold. Steel is the basic material, and silver and gold are used for decoration. Top technology is applied in shaping some parts of the set, and each part is finished with special processes which are highly esteemed throughout the world.

Zepter drinking and dessert sets have been created by a team consisting of a variety of specialists: process engineers, engineers, physiologists, tasters, psychologists, and designers. The production process itself is very complex. Such unique products could be made only by uniting scientific knowledge, craftsmanship and artistic design.