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Vital System are medical and cosmetic electro-devices which open new horizons for health and beauty.
Vital System boosts your health and pleases your body.

Cosmetics Devices

High-technology, elegantly designed and easy-to-use cosmetic products, to give your body the beauty you dream.



The benefits of massage have been known since ancient times and modern medicine has learned from Eastern cultures the importance of massage techniques for our well-being.
Focusing on these elements, Vital System has developed an innovative device reproducing different manual massages and their main benefits.
Massage is an ancient technique and has long been used as a healing therapy.

Today, the work of the masseur can be enhanced by the use of sophisticated equipment to help provide a more effective massage.

Your body is crying out for help!
Constant backache, pain in muscles and joints, poor circulation of blood, loss of tone in skin and muscles – these are just some of the symptoms of worsening physical condition of the body. Such symptoms adversely affect our sense of well being and quality of life.

General decline in physical fitness
One person out of four has a regular massage. Massage is a pleasant experience that has positive effects on the body, and demand for this technique is increasing. General physical fitness in the population is declining; caused, at least in part, by the decrease in manual activities.
As technology advances, there may be more demand for therapeutic equipment designed to improve health.

Increasing demand for massage
Data provided by American researchers have demonstrated an increase in the demand for massage from 22% to 33% over the past five years.
People expect massage to improve their mood and feeling of well being, to reduce pain, and to relieve stress and tiredness. Massage is ideal for treating people of a wide range of ages, from babies to the elders, and is particularly popular with women. In addition, a growing number of men are also now having regular massage.

Massage is the practice of applying controlled pressure, or gentle vibration, to the muscles and joints. Massage can be applied manually with the hands or by using mechanical aids.
Massage can be used as therapy to help in disease prevention, healing and rehabilitation.
Acupuncture, vibrotherapy and pressure healing (barotherapy) are other forms of  ‘alternative therapy’.

How massage affects the skin?

Depth of effect of massage during different types of massage:
stroking (1), friction (2), kneading (3), tapping (4), toning vibration (5)

What happens during a massage?
The pressure applied during a massage causes the soft tissues beneath the skin to move, depending on the amount of pressure applied by the masseur.
This movement causes the tissues to stretch: the amount by which each tissue stretches is variable. The pressure and movement of the tissues can then influence the function of the various structures located within (e.g. muscle fibers, small blood vessels, nerve endings, sweat glands, etc.).
The application of particular massage techniques (stroking, kneading, friction, tapping, vibration) determines how deeply the massage is felt.

The benefits of massage have been known since ancient times.