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Code: ZEP-200


A new-generation of coffee-maker for encapsulated coffee

Zepresso coffee maker incorporates purity, simplicity, and versatility using the latest technology, to offer you perfectly brewed Italian espresso. The 'pre-infusion' system of Zepresso extracts unique, rich and sophisticated coffee aromas. The finest, freshly picked, roasted, ground coffee is infused with highly-pressurised hot water, offering a rich texture and the very essence of perfectly flavoured espresso. Enjoy the finest Italian Barista-style coffee at the touch of a button. So easy, yet so delicious. A coffee that understands YOU!

Auto Shut-Off Function

Ever respectful of the environment, our coffee-maker features an Auto Shut-Off function, enabling remarkable energy savings, and improved machine functionality.

Zepresso Café coffee preparation

Your ideal cup of coffee is brewed at an optimal water temperature of 85-90°C and using high steam pressure (9 bars) inside the coffee capsule. The first drops make the upper part of the espresso, maintaining proper temperature until the brewing process is complete and become the base for 2-4 ml of crema. The crema on the top of the espresso is the final moment of the brewing process, the visual proof of an appropriate brewing process. After a few seconds, you can enjoy your perfect espresso, a rich and creamy symphony of flavours chosen from a range of 5 different coffee types.

Life tastes better with coffee!

You can experience the taste of classic espresso coffee, or enrich it with your favourite additions, creating other types of coffee such as latte, cappuccino, mocha or macchiato.

Select the type of coffee you like, depending on its blend and strength, from the unique Zepresso Café collection. Five types of purely natural, untreated coffee packed in single capsules and hermetically sealed to retain natural flavour and aroma, containing the exact amount of coffee needed for the perfect espresso.


(A) - Coffee button with GREEN indicator light
(B) - ON button with RED indicator light
(C) - Hatch opening and closing lever
(D) - Capsule holding hatch
(E) - Coffee distributor
(F) - Capsule holding basket. Can hold up to 12/14 capsules.
(G) - Cup holding grill
(H) - Excess liquids tray
(L) - Water storage tank
(M) - Area for cups

Included with the purchase of your machine are:
  • 2 empty orange capsules - required for the first use of the machine and for subsequent cleaning.
  • 1 brush for cleaning the coffee distributor.
  • 1 bag of ecological Zepresso descaler.

Technical characteristics

   Dimensions    W305 x D185 x H265 mm   
   Model    ZEP-200
   Weight    4.4 kg
   Voltage    220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
   Water tank capacity    1 litre
   Power    820-980 W
   Pump pressure    20 bar
   Auto Shut Off function    YES